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Craigslist has started resetting passwords and validating accounts. Without a validated account you wouldn't be able to use it with cPro. To validate your account, please log into your account FROM YOUR COMPUTER and follow the required validation steps.

Zero results (empty search).

  - Craigslist could be down for maintenance or your IP address is blocked. Please start by following this link, http://www.craigslist.org/, to ensure that Craigslist works on your device;

  - The search category that you've selected or your search settings might have no matching listings;

  - Is Onavo installed? Onavo messes up Internet traffic. Delete it, remove your Onavo profile, and restart your phone;

  - If you are still getting zero results, go to General Settings / Reset and continue with Network Settings Reset.

"I'm not a robot" verification request

  - You might have received this verification request when either retrieving contact information or saving a listing to your Favorites (contact information is necessary for saving a listing to Favorites);

  - This verification request comes from Craigslist, not the app. The app only forwards it to you. There is nothing the app can do to stop these verification requests.

IP address blocked

"This IP address has been automatically blocked"

  - If you received this message while using either the app or your Internet Browser, Craigslist is blocking your IP address for some reasons. The app is not blocking you in any way, but Craigslist is blocking access from your device to their website. You'd need to write to the email address provided by the blocking message (which looks like "blocks.....@craigslist", where instead of the dots you have numbers specific to your own case) to resolve this issue. Sometimes, you can also wait for a couple of hours and the block might clear itself.

Fake postings appear in your account.

  - You might want to change your password if you suspect that your account might have been compromised;

  - Please also take a look at this (phishing: stealing accounts, passwords, or financial information by masquerading as a trusted party):

Avoiding Scams

  - Deal locally, face-to-face — follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts. Please read more about avoiding scams here:

Problems with Posting

  - Check if an update is available for the app (App Store -> Updates);

  - Re-enter your Craigslist credentials (Post -> clear username, Post -> add username);

  - Please make sure you read and follow Craigslist rules in regards to posting, reposting, and posting too often. In particular, Craigslist will block all your subsequent posts that are "very similar" to one of your previously posted ads. Also, your account could be blocked if you would try to post more often than once every 48 hours. You can read more here;

  - If the problems continue, you might be blocked by Craigslist for overposting. Stop posting for at least 3 hours. Try again after that.

Was your posting flagged?

Flagging is a community moderation effort taking place on the Craigslist side, and there is nothing the app can help you with in regards to your postings being flagged, unfortunately.

Please read Craigslist FAQ on flagging:

You might also want to check this unofficial Craigslist Flagging FAQ:

How to run advanced Craigslist searches?

  - You can read more about complex and advanced searches at: http://www.craigslist.org/about/help/search

Why some listings have a darker background?

These are the listings that you saw already

What do the green "new" labels mean?

"New" labels indicate listings that have been posted since you ran a saved search the last time.

How dow I get a Craigslist account to post to Craigslist?

You can sign up for a Craigslist account at https://accounts.craigslist.org/.

How do I reset my Craigslist password?

Please go to https://accounts.craigslist.org/reset

How long does it take for a posted ad to appear on Craigslist?


I posted an ad, but I can't find it. What should I do?


How do I delete/edit/repost an ad?

Go to Post -> My postings. Select a previously posted ad and choose an action from the list of possible choices (edit, delete, renew, repost, etc.).

My emails don't go through. What should I do?

Keep in mind that you can't respond to your own postings! Please also check these two help topics for an answer:
  - email rejected - non-generic DNS
  - email rejected - rDNS failure

What is the 'phone authentication'? Why should I complete it?


How do I get to the Photo Wall / Map Browser?

Please use the "3 lines (sandwich)" button from the results view page

I have a general Craigslist question. Where do I find an answer?


What to do to start receiving new match Notifications?

First, run a search, for which you would like to be alerted when new listings matching your search criteria get posted to Craigslist. Tap the "3 lines (sandwich)" button. Continue with the "New Ad Notifier" button. Please make sure your Location Services are ON and you keep the app running in the background after you leave it.

Do Notifications count against my text messages?

No, Notifications are not SMS/text messages, and they have no impact on your text messaging limits.

If your issue is not covered by this FAQ, please use the button below to send us an email.